All-you-can-eat conversational AI for insurance.

We design and deliver unlimited conversational AI bots for web, phone, email, and more—all for a flat subscription fee.

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the lowdown

How does it work?

Unlimited requests

Submit as many requests as you want. Requests go into our queue for fulfillment.

Unlimited revisions

Need to change something? Just let us know. Revisions are unlimited.

Full collaboration

No surprises. Participate every step of the way. Monitor progress, ask questions, ask for changes.

No meetings

Reclaim your time. Chats, emails, boards, and (of course) bots keep us on the same page.

Optional support

Offload bot support to us for as long as you need. (Optional monthly add-on.)

Speedy delivery

Experience breakthroughs in fact-finding, design, and delivery. Build bots smarter and faster.

Our Tools

Our bots are built with, a Gartner® Magic Quadrant leader in conversational AI.

cost comparison

How much could you save?


Project Manager > $100K
Solution Architect > $100K
Developer > $100K
1 Month > $25K*
*Not including benefits

Other Agencies

Solution Owner $150/hour
Solution Architect $150/hour
Developer $100/hour
1 Month > $60K


Design Included
Development Included
Unlimited Requests Included
1 Month Starting at $3,990

Talk is cheaper than ever.

Pause or cancel anytime

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  • Unlimited requests
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Customer portal
  • Fixes and enhancements
Quarterly (Save $500/mo)
$13,470 billed quarterly

Contact Us

  • Unlimited requests
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Customer portal
  • Fixes and enhancements
Yearly (Save $1,000/mo)
$47,880 billed annually

Contact Us

  • Unlimited requests
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Customer portal
  • Fixes and enhancements
The Answer Is 42

Frequently Asked Questions

You can! We can complement your conversational AI workforce if you have one.

But if you don't have one, these skills can be hard to hire for.

We're cost-effective conversational AI expertise. You don't even have to pay our benefits! (Unless you really want to. 😀)

Plus you'll get our innovations in bot design and development.

Traditional agencies' rates are typically much higher. You bear the full cost of each resource.

Agencies also have to prepare estimates and quotes, which you have to review, change, and approve. Their orientation toward project-based work incurs more ramp up and ramp down time.

BotBuffet eliminates all that. Just put in your requests and we fulfill them at your flat subscription fee.

You can make requests in our portal. Sign up to check it out!

Absolutely! As many as you want.

Requests go into your company's queue for us to work on one by one.

Say you have 5 open requests. 1 will be active; 4 will be in our backlog. When the first one is finished, we'll pull the next one from the backlog.

It depends on the request. Some may take a few days. Others may take weeks. It depends on the complexity, how similar it is to other projects we've worked on, and your company's integrations.

In a nutshell, fulfillment time varies, but we'll do our best, just like a good employee.

We hope that won't happen, but if it does, we'll talk to you about it. Maybe we know of an alternative that can do what you're looking for. Maybe we can deliver 80%, but the remaining 20% is out of reach for now.

At the end of the day, our goal is to make you happy, and we'll bend over backwards to get there.

If something goes wrong, we'll try hard to make it right, but we don't generally refund subscription fees. We're like a contractor or employee in that regard.

If we just can't work it out, your recourse would be to end your subscription. (We hope it won't come to that; we'll do our best to knock your socks off. 🧦)

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